Learn more about the what and why of our training and education programs. We draw from organizational and human development, formal education, therapeutic, and experiential education fields.

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What are Experiential Education and Experiential Learning?

  1. Experiential Education  Definition.  AEE organization

  2. Experiential Learning Cycles  Models.

  3. Experiential Learning  Definition and history overview.  Wikipedia  As always with Wikipedia, follow up with your own research.

Learning and Cognition

  1. Physiology of Fear  Site also covers brain biology and emotions in common, intermediate or advanced language.  McGill, Canada

  2. Perceiving via Metaphors  Words and actions matter.  NYTimes

  3. Don’t Lecture Me  Harvard Physicist uses peer instruction.  NPR

What is Emotional Intelligence or EQ?

  1. EQ  Definition and history overview.

Teacher Training

  1. Experiential Education Model  References to research.  U of MN

  2. Building A Better Teacher  Analysis, charter school related, links to a few good tips.  NYTimes.

Therapeutic Topics

  1. Active Interventions  Experiential counseling.  Counseling Today

Activities and Games

  1. Activities  Youth focused, adult adaptable.

  2. Camp Leadership  Videos of games, songs.

Network and Allies

  1. Emotional Intelligence  Teams and Leaders.  Seattle, WA


Grand Canyon, AZ

We do not see things as they are.

We see them as we are.

- Talmud

Joshua Tree National Park
Mt. St. Helens, WA


  1. 1.Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument, WA

  2. 2.Joshua Tree National Park, CA

  3. 3.Grand Canyon National Park, AZ